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hey babycakes,

so it's 5 am in the morning and we're both being vampires lurking on the internet , lawlz way to make this summer live no ? just kidding .. i gotta admit, overall this summer hasn't been bad. actually scratch that, i loved every minute of it . we spent a lot of time together and lucky for you i'm not sick of you - yet. :) from all the jams, alcohol we've drank, spliffs we sparked, sleepovers we had, rules we broken, fights we had and the laughs we shared, most definitely brought us a lot closer. now another month checked off for us m'love, today is the first of september - can you believe that? time passes by so fast. spring was live, summer was chilling and fall .. we're getting focused diba ? anywhos i'm struggling to type right now cause i'm missing an e on my keyboard .. but that's nothing to the struggle i'd fight if i didn't have you. thanks for changing me, thanks for saving me superman. it's nice to know that you're still here holding my hand, even when the road seems long and rocky.. or even times when it feels like we're stuck in park and not moving cause of the overwhelming traffic. just know that i'm in the front seat right beside you ready to ride - and i intend for it to stay that way. hopefully in time everything we worked hard to build up to will fall into place - but as of right now i'm grateful for your patience 'till that day comes. but anyways, i'm going to end it here because i'm getting very distracted by this orange blinking bar on my screen that reads "LeStar*" heheeeee, ♥ LOL miss you with lots of x's and o's.

p.s. fuck the haters - lmfao , i wanted to sound bod :) k byes!